Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Seedlings Progress, March 13

Red Sails Lettuce - Box tops get closed during cold nights.

The seedlings are doing good, especially with this nice weather we're having.  I replanted the Red Sails lettuce in cardboard boxes in the greenhouse.

Dash spinach plants are now in small pots.  I need to get more of this going.  Soloist cabbage was repotted from the egg trays as well.

Repurposed mulch - cut ornamental grass (left) and dead Yew needles.

On nice days I'll collect dead ornamental grasses, sit in a lawn chair and cut them into pieces in a bucket.  Makes for nice mulch (pretty light though), and I also use it in the bottom of pots to keep dirt from falling out of the bottom holes.  On the right is a bucket of dead evergreen needles collected from underneath Yew shrubs around our house.  This also goes in the bottom of pots and on top as mulch, as shown in the pots of spinach.

Latest seedlings coming up are red and yellow onions and Bibb lettuce.  Meanwhile, I'm making some progress on the extended garden area for squash.


Walk in the Woods said...

LoVe that box-top idea!

And I love this time of year. I'm starting more seeds today … and will hopefully prep the pea bed and get some of those right into the earth.

charlie b. said...

Hi Rose,

They're not pretty, but cardboard boxes can be pretty handy in the garden. I use them for potatoes too.

LoVe peas in the pod - so sweet, they're like candy!

Happy gardening!