Thursday, December 6, 2012

DIY Herbal Lotion using Infused Oil

1.5 cups lotion in a shorter wide-mouth Ball jar.

Following up on my summer post, Making Infused Oils, I made homemade moisturizing lotion with my infused oil and have been using it for a few weeks now.  The recipe, from Root Simple (link to full instructions here), is easy to make, uses only 4 ingredients (3 if you omit the essential oil), and costs hardly anything!  Plus, it's all natural – no weird chemicals.

1/2 c olive oil – herbal infused or plain
.5 oz or 2 Tlbsp beeswax, in bead form or grated and packed in the spoon
1 c tepid water, filtered, bottled or distilled is best
10 drops Essential oil of choice (optional)

Grated beeswax just added to oil.

My improvised double boiler is simply a thrift store glass bowl with handles that sits on a medium-sized saucepan.  I added my oil, but strayed from the recipe a bit by including a heaping tablespoon of warmed coconut oil to the olive oil – still keeping 1/2 cup.  Beeswax was grated, and I used Rose Geranium essential oil.  With the lemon balm infused oil, the lotion had a scent that was earthy and different (good different)...  It reminds me of the garden!

Following the tips, I added hot water to my mixing bowl to warm it before mixing.  The whole process takes only a few minutes – the wax melts quickly, and mixing into a whip took only a minute or two.  And I used the baking soda in the bowl and on my beaters before washing with hot soapy water.  Clean-up was no problem.

My review of this lotion:  it's great as a body lotion, and the moisturizing effect lasts!  I slather it on after a shower, and it feels wonderful.  The thing about this lotion though is that it's heavy and feels somewhat greasy on the skin.  I do like using it on my face, but your face will shine after putting it on, and it takes a little while to absorb into the skin (on my face at least).  Blotting with a tissue helps with the shine.  Mostly I've been using it on my face at night before bed, but use it in daytime too when I'm home.

One thing I did with it since I caught a cold a week ago – in a separate small jar I mixed together some homemade herbal salve (slightly warmed), some of the lotion, and a drop or two of eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils.  It made a mentholatum rub of sorts!

I still want to make a light non-greasy facial moisturizer, so will be experimenting further using combos of different base oils, essential oils, and homemade herbal extracts.


Susan said...

This looks wonderful. How do you store it and how long does it last?

charlie b. said...

Hi Susan! I've kept it in the mason jar (with lid on). It is supposed to keep for 1-2 months at room temperature. I made mine about a month ago and it's still good, although we keep the temp in our house cool in winter to save heating costs. If I used it as a body lotion everyday (I don't), the cup and a half would probably be about gone now.